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Healing your Inner Child: Reconnect to The Little Boy or Girl Wounded Within You, Release Shame and Guilt and Embrace Yourself

Scritto da: Jessica Gray Letto da: Andrea Webster Audio

Do you feel pain and sadness uncontrollably bubbling out of your body?

Are you struggling with feelings of anxiety and the fear of not being loved?

Do you struggle to explain in a rational way why this happens to you?

Are you in touch with your inner child?

Often, the baggage we carry from our childhood can be very difficult to shake off, especially when we have been exposed to deep trauma.

This pain leaves wounds that can affect the ability to experience happiness, enjoy current relationships, achieve success, or perhaps even raise children in the way that you want to.

Some of the signs that your inner child is still suffering:

Difficulty with emotions

Anxiety with new experiences

Obsessive and Needy

Poor Self-Esteem

Difficulty with Boundaries

Identity Problems

The effects of unresolved pain build up over time and change the way in which we perceive events, people and ourselves. For those who have been abused or neglected, the effects have far-reaching consequences and if you don't take action they will continue indefinitely.

It won't be easy, but with the practical exercises in this manual, I will take you by the hand to reconnect with the little boy or girl within you.

If we undertake inner-child work by connecting to the little boy or girl within us, we can reconnect with some of the reasons for our adult fears, phobias and life patterns. When we begin to understand them, then the fantastic magic of healing and peace with oneself can occur. Just take a deep breath, relax that knot in your stomach and grab this book!

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