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How to Turn Procrastination into Productivity: A Successful Man’s Guide to the Psychology of Self-Discipline, Time Management, and Motivation + 20 Powerful Daily Habits to Achieve Success and Mastery

Autor: David Bailey Czyta: Jason Belvill Audiobook

Discover powerful strategies on how to work more efficiently and achieve anything you set in mind

This book is for you if you are determined to change your way of thinking and living, get rid of depression, so you cannot just get more done on a daily basis, but also feel accomplished, see progress and be a role model for others around you.

Procrastination equation is not as complicated as it may seem. It all begins by hacking laziness and beating procrastination, which are the most common barriers to taking action, working on big projects, or even taking chances in life.

In this book, you’ll find the complete step-by-step guide to developing relentless self-discipline and time management. You’ll discover:

• The 5 fundamental “keystone habits” of productivity

• How to change your mindset to cultivate success

• How to establish your mission in life using The Hedgehog Concept

• How to be the ultimate self-discipline ninja

• How to be exposed to the many detrimental consequences of your procrastination, but yet you will now be able to complete your tasks by using this simple solution

• Getting laser-focused on the right things by defining your Circle of Competence

• How to biologically reshape your mind and body for success by creating a Winner Effect

• Several research-backed strategies to radically transform your behavior

• And so much more….

In an eye-opening and thoroughly engaging read, this book offers a treasure trove of insights and best practices that will help you accomplish more.

Imagine after using this simple solution, you will finally be able to manage your tasks, have more free time, boost your wealth as well as gain a great leap in your career!

If you are ready to get up and begin living the life you’ve always envisioned for yourself, How to Turn Procrastination into Productivity is your blueprint.

To get started, simply scroll up and click the “buy” button right now!

© 2019 Author's Republic (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781982765675

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