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Mindfulness: Focusing, Meditating, and Practicing Mindful Techniques to Improve Your Life

Autor: Dave Farrel, Athena Doros, Erica Showdown, Evie Harrison Czyta: Mary Johnson, Doug Greene, Sarah Margrave, Sarah Owens Audiobook

The 4 titles that are included in this bundle relate to the following topics:

Topic 1: In this fascinating short-read, you’ll find out about some out-of-the-box methods to take your meditation practices to the next level. Some of those methods are:

Karate breathing meditation


Mantra meditation

Walking meditation

Tai Chi

Healing sound baths

Zen meditation

Topic 2: Is being able to focus really that important to your happiness?

Yes, it is. And in this book, I will explain more of the reasoning behind this. You will also learn more about different methods to improve your focus, practical techniques to prioritize better and quicker, and how to avoid diversions that will keep you from making your dreams a reality.

Topic 3: One of the ways in which we can reduce stress and anxiety, is through being more present in the moment. We often let our thoughts wander (not always a bad thing) and our focus deteriorate by the many distractions we face today.

Topic 4: With Zen, you can change your mindset and your brain. You can begin to understand why meditation and mindful, subconscious thoughts will have a positive impact on your life. If you ask the right questions and if you are open to the answers, it can help you discover so much more about yourself!

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