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The Aspern Papers

Autor: Henry James Czyta: David Thorn Audiobook

Henry James’ acclaimed suspense novel

Set in a crumbling Venetian villa, The Aspern Papers is the story of an American editor’s determination to acquire a collection of unpublished letters … at any cost. The letters were written by the editor’s favorite Romantic poet, Jeffrey Asper, to his mistress.

In hopes of gaining access to the letters, he presents himself to the now elderly mistress, Miss Bordereau, who lives a modest existence in a dilapidated old palazzo. Posing as a prospective lodger, he introduces himself to Miss Bordereau and begins courting her spinster niece, Tina. As the editor’s obsessive mission leads him into increasingly unscrupulous behavior, he finds that his desire can be obtained only at the price of his honor. A brilliant work of psychological fiction, The Aspern Papers is Henry James at his most suspenseful.

© 2014 Alcazar AudioWorks (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781483011882

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