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Creating Space to Thrive

Författare: Courtney Kenney Uppläsare: Kathleen Li Ljudbok

“Help! I’m living Groundhog Day. Is there more to life than this?”

It’s a struggle when you work hard but feel stuck. Like maybe you missed your true calling.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Creative habits make you feel better.

This is a system to spend more time on things that matter — your passions, hobbies, and creative deep work.

“For decades I had creative powers but used them just rarely. I don't even know what held me back for so long. This book made clear to me how I can move towards taking music composition more seriously.” -A.P.

“Reading about others making room for creativity in their lives, and how they make it work, gave me ideas for new things to implement.” -Brenda

You’ll learn:

• Coping strategies for when you feel stuck
• How to vanquish clutter
• Strategies to conquer digital overload
• Ways to deal with negative people
• A structure to get motivated for creative projects
• Case studies of how a novelist, a fashion consultant, and a sports entrepreneur created space in their lives to pursue their passions and start businesses.

You’ll love this inspiring, no-fluff blueprint for creative transformation. Create space in your life with this guide to clear clutter, reduce mental stress, and nourish yourself.

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