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Death at the Excelsior and Other Stories

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Comprising of seven works of short fiction, ranging in genres from crime to tender romance, Death at the Excelsior and Other Stories depict tales of mystery and love with humor. Featuring some of P.G Wodehouse’s most famous characters, four of the seven stories follow the misadventures of Jeeves and Bertie or Reggie Pepper. When a friend needs help convincing his uncle to approve of his bride-to-be, Jeeves and Bertie concoct a plan that includes the use of romance novels in Jeeves in the Springtime. Reggie Pepper’s trouble takes center stage in The Test Case, when his lover voices her doubts that they could ever marry. Other stories within the collection introduce new characters, including a clever and witty young woman named Eve in The Best Sauce. Working as a paid companion to a woman with a stormy temper, Eve is unhappy but is settled in her bleak condition. However, when a man from her past, Peter Rayner, shows up in hopes to marry Eve, she devises a plan of petty pranks to scare him out of the house. Finally, in the title story, Death at the Excelsior, depicts a thrilling murder-mystery. When a previously healthy sailor is found dead in the Excelsior boarding house, Detective Snyder and his assistant, Oakes, must catch the killer before they strike again.

Assembled posthumously, Death at the Excelsior and Other Stories features classic works of P.G Wodehouse’s short fiction, sampling from each genre he mastered. With simple language and excellent description, Death at the Excelsior and Other Stories serves as a perfect introduction to P.G Wodehouse and his beloved characters.

This edition of Death at the Excelsior and Other Stories is now presented in an easy-to-read font and with a fun, eye-catching cover to cater to contemporary audiences.

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