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The Power

Författare: L.J. Smith Uppläsare: Devon Sorvari Ljudbok

Caught in the struggle between good and evil . . .

Cassie has joined the most alluring—and deadly—in-crowd imaginable. But power comes with a price, and it's more dangerous than she knows. Torn between the dueling desires of the two leaders of the Secret Grcle, she must ultimately choose between saving all of New Salem, and her own dangerous love for the bewitching Adam, which threatens to tear the circle apart. In the ultimate battle between good and evil, will Cassie's supernatural powers be strong enough to lead the coven out of danger? Or will she foil prey to the dark forces within?

. . . will she sacrifice her love for the circle to survive?

© 2011 HarperTeen (Ljudbok) ISBN: 9780062125453

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