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Calming Rain: Brings You Relaxation and Sleep

Kirjailija: Yella A. Deeken Lukija: Ian Brannan Äänikirja

The sounds of the nature: A hammock for the soul!

With this audiobook, experience the power of nature like on a dreamlike vacation. Nature Sounds - with over 6 hours of ambient sounds, recorded all over the world. Using state-of-the-art recording technology, with extremely high fidelity, and the best spatial atmosphere.

Your audiobook provides:

• Soothing rain, perfect for for deep sleep, meditation, relaxation (long run times, no talking, very relaxing)

• Authentic recordings from the enchanting forests of Germany, Norway, New Zealand and Switzerland

• Over 150 minutes of different rain sounds WITHOUT annoying loops

• Professional recording quality for crisp, clean audio sound

• 2 tracks combining soothing rain sounds and dreamlike relaxation music

• 2 Bonustracks: A complete guided mindfulness meditation program for spiritual & physical wellness to help reduce anxiety, stress and insomnia;

• An effective, basic practice that can be used daily to feel at home with mindfulness.

Listening to "nature's perfect white noise" instantly ensures considerable inner peace and can also have a very helpful effect on tinnitus.

What WON'T You Get? Distractions! Your audiobook has no jarring background noises. No distracting music. Nothing but the sound of calming cascading water. It is a professional, high quality audiobook made in germany! The feeling of endlessness and the power of nature have always fascinated mankind.

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