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A Field of Flowers

Author: Anita Nair Narrator: Prakash Raj Audiobook

Balarama, a wealthy farmer and wrestling teacher, and his brother Krishna live in Vrindavan in northern India. Balarama hires Shyama, an educated and ambitious Dalit girl to help his wife Revathi with a new farming venture. Around the same time, Bheema, a young Dalit worker, joins the wrestling school, and Shyama and he fall in love.

Life couldn't be better for Shyama. However, when Duri, Balarama's favourite student, a rich, upper-caste man, returns to the wrestling school, the rivalry between him and Bheema escalates and all their lives are impacted forever. Most of all, Shyama's.

This is a contemporary retelling of an age-old story with its roots in the Mahabharata. And not much, it appears, has changed in society, ancient Hastinapur or present-day Hathras, when it comes to prejudice and patriarchy.

Narrated from Balarama's point of view, 'A Field of Flowers' is a story that tells us there is no more looking away for anyone with a conscience.


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