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Short stories
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A Quiver Full of Arrows

Author: Jeffrey Archer Narrator: Martin Jarvis Audiobook

This collection of twelve short stories will draw the listener into each story, whether it is Old Love, the tale of two undergraduates at Oxford in the thirties and their bitter rivalry that ends in a memorable love story or Broken Routine, which tells of an insurance claim advisor and his surprising encounter on the train home to Sevenoaks, or Henry's Hiccup, the story of The Grand Pasha and how his plans for the most perfect honeymoon go awry.

From The Grand Pasha to a British diplomat in China; a backgammon match to a one night stand, Jeffrey Archer spins an intricate web of tales that prove that his really is the master of storytelling.

Quiver Full of Arrows is a collection of twelve exciting short stories from bestselling author, Jeffrey Archer.

© 2007 Macmillan Digital Audio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9780230702851

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