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Dream Lake: A Novel

Author: Lisa Kleypas Narrator: Emma Wilder Audiobook

New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas returns to Friday Harbor with this story of two broken hearts who come together—with a little help—to make each other whole…

The youngest of the Nolan brothers, Alex still bears the scars of being raised by alcoholic parents, and when his own marriage fails—as he knew it would—he sinks deeper into a whiskey bottle. His brother Sam hopes to pull him out with a project to remodel a house for a friend of his girlfriend Lucy. And Alex has another ally—the ghost of a World War II pilot, who may be a booze-induced hallucination or may be exactly the spirit he needs to guide him.

Zoë Hoffman is no stranger to heartache—after her own parents abandoned her, the only family member who showed her love was her grandmother. Even after her husband’s betrayal, Zoe hasn’t given up on love. A chef at a local B&B, her dream is to give her grandmother, who’s suffering from dementia, the gift of restoring her beautiful home by the lake. When she meets a handsome but brooding carpenter named Alex, she sees beneath his wounded exterior to the man he could be.

As for Alex, he may be seeing a ghost, but in Zoë’s kind eyes, he’s also starting to get a vision of a future in which love might have a place after all…

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