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3T 46min

Easy Everyday Meditations, Mindfulness, and Pranayamas

Author: Sue Fuller Narrator: Sue Fuller Audiobook

Learning meditation, mindfulness, and pranayama has never been easier than with these easy-to-follow audio sessions.

Easy Everyday Meditations contains five fifteen-minute guided meditation sessions suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike. The sessions focus on awareness, relaxation, calming the mind, positivity, and loving kindness.

Easy Everyday Mindfulness consists of five fifteen-minute guided sessions that are to be followed whilst seated in a chair. The sessions provide a practical way to bring mindfulness and its many benefits into your life.

Easy Everyday Pranayamas contains five different fourteen-minute guided sessions suitable for everyone. The sessions are followed whilst either sitting or lying and use a range of simple breathing exercises that will leave you feeling fantastic.

Please do not listen to this audio while driving.

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