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Live with Intention

Author: Mary Anne Radmacher E-book

“A book of beauty, creativity, wisdom, and great good will. Her chapter on forgiveness alone is worth the price of the book.” —Hugo Prather, bestselling author of Notes to Myself

Mary Anne Radmacher is among the most-quoted women writers of our day. Her wisdom is found on greeting cards, journals, calendars, Instagram and Pinterest, in broadcast news, sermons, ceremonies and commencement speeches.

This noted author, artist and teacher lost a dear one. As memorial to her friend her book became the manifesto for an intentional life for thousands of people. In Live with Intention, Radmacher shares the story of how she learned to live more robustly by watching how her courageous friend chose to die. People who keep Radmacher’s writings at the ready, say this writing is both inspiring and comforting. Extraordinary lessons are drawn from ordinary experiences. Rich in story, metaphor and poetry, Live with Intention explores with you what it means to live each day with purposeful intent: • Understand what matters most for you
• Deepen what already makes your life rich
• Determine your unique way to make a difference

“Live with Intention is a pure gift . . . Pick up this gem and bask in insight after insight.” —David Kundtz, author of The Art of Stopping

“Live with Intention gives us the tools to believe we can go after dreams and actually capture them.” —Pat Ballard, author of 10 Steps to Loving Your Body (No Matter What Size You Are)

“Beautiful, artistic, inspiring, and written from her heart.” —Dr. Patrick Williams, coauthor of Becoming a Professional Life Coach

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