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Stop Poisoning Your Marriage with These Common Beliefs

Author: Dr. Laurie Weiss, Dr. Jonathan B. Weiss, Laurie Narrator: Dr. Laurie Weiss, Dr. Jonathan B. Weiss Audiobook

Is your marriage at risk right now?

If either you or your spouse believes that:

• A relationship will only work with the right person
• If a relationship is right, you shouldn't have to work at it
• If you really loved me, I wouldn't have to tell you what I want
• Falling out of love means that the relationship is in trouble
• You should avoid hurting your partner's feelings in order to preserve your relationship

Your marriage is heading for trouble!

Real relationships get messy because, even though you think your life partner is just like you, he or she isn't. You are two different people trying to meet the challenge of creating and maintaining a happy and loving relationship without much useful information.

Get the important tips you need from this conversation with relationship experts Drs. Laurie and Jonathan Weiss. Married since 1960 and working together, studying and teaching about relationships since 1972, they show you how to do it now.

Listen and learn how you CAN REVERSE the DAMAGE!

Dr. Laurie Weiss and Dr. Jonathan Weiss show you what you need to do to release your natural power to have the loving, lasting relationship you've always wanted.

The Weisses are internationally known coaches, consultants, psychotherapists, speakers, and authors. They have presented their work throughout the US and in 13 other countries. Their book, Recovery from CoDependency: It's Never Too Late to Reclaim Your Childhood was the acclaimed, definitive book on developmentally based psychotherapy.

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