7 Ratings
Fantasy & SciFi
9T 39min

The Mother Fault

Author: Kate Mildenhall Narrator: Claudia Karvan Audiobook

‘Thrilling…a triumph of a novel’ JANE HARPER

‘Beautiful writing, emotional depth, page-turning plot’ CHRIS HAMMER

In a futuristic world, danger awaits… if you loved THE LAST and THE HANDMAID’S TALE you will love this!

To keep her children safe, she must put their lives at risk …

In suburban Australia, Mim and her two children live as quietly as they can. Around them, a near-future world is descending into chaos: government officials have taken absolute control, but not everybody wants to obey the rules.

When Mim’s husband Ben mysteriously disappears, Mim realises that she and her children are in great danger. Together, they must set off on the journey of a lifetime to find Ben. The government are trying to track them down, but Mim will do anything to keep her family safe – even if it means risking all their lives.

Can the world ever return to normality, and their family to what it was?

A beautifully written dystopian thriller that is eerily right for our times, for fans of THE LAST, Margaret Atwood, and Jane Harper.

© 2021 HarperCollins (Audiobook) ISBN: 9780008430283

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