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Body Shaming: Break Free from the Constraints of Self-Objectification, Cultivate a Positive Body Image and Reconnect with Yourself

Scritto da: Jessica Gray Letto da: Andrea Webster Audio

Have you ever stopped to think about how often we are told to change our appearance?

Do you have to struggle every day with the shame of not being enough?

Do you devalue and belittle your body? Do you think there must be something that needs to be fixed?

Body shaming is known as the action or practice of expressing humiliation about another individual's body shape or size; a form of bullying that can result in severe emotional trauma, especially at a young age. Body shaming is carried out by parents, siblings, friends, enemies and schoolmates and is often portrayed in the media.

This is a brief taste of what you will find inside this book:

• Psychological aspects of body shaming.
• How body shaming affects both women and men.
• How body shaming has become normal in our society.
• The personality of the body shamer and how to defuse it.
• Skinny shaming - strategies to neutralise it.
• Body shaming in children and adolescents – nip it in the bud!
• What should society do about body shaming?
• Tips to achieve a positive body image.
• Practical exercises to improve your self-image.

Free yourself from the constraints of self-objectification and reconnect with yourself and a life worth living.

Are you are experiencing this type of emotional violence or know someone who is struggling with it? No one deserves to suffer in this way. Learning the psychology of body shaming, understanding the tactics and methods used to defuse it is the best thing that you can do for yourself.

Take a deep breath, relax that knot in your stomach and grab this book!

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