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Stop People Pleasing: Break Free of Approval Addiction, Stop Always Saying Yes, Set Healthy Boundaries and Rediscover the Authentic Version of Yourself

Scritto da: Janis Bryans Psy.D Letto da: Andrea Webster Audio

Are you struggling with your addiction to approval but are afraid of being excluded from your social circles?Would you like to communicate your needs, but feel that you can't and end up putting yourself last?Do you feel stuck in situations in which you say yes, but would really like to say no?Why is that? Why do we think saying ‘no’ is so bad? Why do we have such feelings of guilt?

If you have ever spent time with a toddler, you’ll know this inability to say ‘no’ is not a problem we’re born with! We spend our entire childhood hearing such things as ‘do as you’re told’, and ‘be good’.

You will no longer get stuck in old, unhealthy patterns of putting yourself last, feeling resentful about saying yes when you mean no, or being afraid to speak up about your needs.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

★ Say no without making explanations or excuses.

★ Say no when you know you could help, but it isn’t the right thing for you.

★ Say no when someone really wants something you don’t want to do.

★ Say no and worry less about being liked or seeking approval.

★ Say no without getting lost in fear, guilt, or feelings of selfishness.

★ Say no with kindness and compassion.

★ Say yes to time and space for your own priorities.

And much more...

If you ever feel drained and exhausted, tired from keeping up with expectations and living with the sense of frustration that no one sees your needs and the people in your life just won't change, then no matter where you are now, this survival-course provides the structure, guidance, and support to create powerful, sustainable changes to the way you handle boundaries and cease to be a people pleaser.

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