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Mindfulness: Become a Calmer, More Spiritual Person with Greater Understanding

Autor: Dave Farrel, Athena Doros, Erica Showdown, Evie Harrison Czyta: Mary Johnson, Doug Greene, Sarah Margrave, Sarah Owens Audiobook

The 4 titles that are included in this bundle relate to the following topics:

Topic 1: There are many basic ways to meditate, and this guide surely talks about those. However, as a bit more of an alternative consideration, the book shows you different forms of meditation you may have never thought of. Examples are:

Coloring mandalas for stress relief and meditation

Using a fidget spinner to remove some tension

Art therapy and drawing

Bathtub meditation

Topic 2: Focusing is more important than it have has been in an era with social media, advertisements, and a million possibilities to spend your time wisely or foolishly. In this guide, we will show you how to ignore distractions, improve your memory, and increase your concentration.

Topic 3: The neuroscience of mindfulness stretches far beyond our imagination. Still, I, the author, will make an attempt to show you bits and pieces of its significance, effectiveness, and usefulness.

Topic 4: A pure Zen perspective on life can carry many benefits. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, alter the neurochemicals in your cerebrum, and make you feel more powerful and capable of things because of a more balanced outlook on the many challenges you face every day.

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