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How to Attract Money

Författare: Craig Beck Uppläsare: Craig Beck Ljudbok

So, you want to be wealthy? Does it make you a bad person to want to escape the daily grind and struggle? The answer as you would expect from a book like this is a categorical no. The undeniable fact is money and wealth are just an idea; a creation of someone's imagination or perhaps a better label would be that of 'an illusion'. What you are about to discover is that the amount of money you have is directly linked to your beliefs about how much you deserve to have. Your abundance or lack of cash is limited only by the boundaries of your own imagination. Let's be clear about something quite important, Manifesting Magic is not a course just about 'how to attract money'. Wealth is the first lesson in the series because it is where most people want to start this journey and also because it gives you freedom - the freedom to do more, help more and give more. However, money is not happiness, never make that mistake! Wealth is the merely the byproduct of achieving happiness. Over the course of these books we are going to discover how to manifest the life of your dreams, to find your true purpose in life and fill that hole inside you that has always been there, craving more from life.

© 2016 Authors Republic (Ljudbok) ISBN: 9781518923593

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