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The Worst-Case Scenario Business Survival Guide

Författare: David Borgenicht, Mark Joyner Uppläsare: Harry Nelson Ljudbok

How to Survive the Recession, Handle Layoffs, Raise Emergency Cash, Thwart an Employee Coup, and Avoid Other Potential Disasters!
Don't Panic.
Be Prepared.
Have a Plan.
Layoffs. Sales slumps. Dangerously low morale. Extreme cash tightness. Reorganizations.
It's a scary world out there. Times are as tough as they've been in decades. More than ever before, companies are struggling to make ends meet, having to cut costs, lay off employees, delay new endeavors-and focus almost exclusively on SURVIVAL. And until now, there's never been a good, clear, step-by-step guide for businesses facing such sudden turns for the worse.
This Audio Book May Save Your Business.
Written by Worst-Case Scenario creator and entrepreneur David Borgenicht, bestselling new business superguru Mark Joyner, and many other business experts, you'll learn:
• How to Stay in Business When You Can't Make Payroll
• How to Fend Off an Employee Coup
• How to Perform Emergency Surgery on Your Overhead
And many more answers to the most dangerous situations your business will ever encounter. Most importantly, you'll get the basic training you need to make sure you're prepared-and that this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.

© 2009 Ascent Audio (Ljudbok) ISBN: 9781596594906

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