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7T 36min

Artificial Maturity: Helping Kids Meet the Challenge of Becoming Authentic Adults

Author: Tim Elmore Narrator: Arte Johnson Audiobook

Todays Generation iY (teens brought up with the internet) and Homelanders (children born after 9/11) are overexposed to information at an earlier age than ever and paradoxically are underexposed to meaningful relationships and real-life experiences. Artificial Maturity addresses the problem of what to do when parents and teachers mistake children's superficial knowledge for real maturity. The book is filled with practical steps that adults can take to furnish the experiences kids need to balance their abilities with authentic maturity. Shows how to identify the problem of artificial maturity in Generation iY and Homelanders Reveals what to do to help children balance autonomy, responsibility, and information Includes a down-to-earth model for coaching and guiding youth to true maturity Artificial Maturity gives parents, teachers, and others who work with youth regularly a manual for understanding and practicing the leadership they so desperately need to mature in a healthy fashion.

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