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Author: G. Sampath Narrator: Raja Sevak Audiobook

Are there people you know who are not words?’ A cancer survivor wreaks vengeance on the world, a builder erects the Taj Mahal of public toilets, a woman buys a treadmill for her depressed pet, a husband’s life is hijacked by his wife’s nightmares, a matrimonial advertisement says it like it really is. Autoplay explores the futuristic, semi-dystopian Hindu Aryan Republic of India. G. Sampath’s stories work at the level of the pre-conscious, verbal kites waving their never-ending tails in the sky of consciousness. Through a minute rendering of feeling-states, he explores a whole range of emotional landscapes, from melancholy and mirth to rage and disgust. This is adventurous new fiction, exploring the themes of marriage, adolescence, love, terrorism, technology, consumerism and other familiars through feeling-eyes.

© 2018 Storyside IN (Audiobook) ISBN: 9780430015171

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