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Save the Cat!

Author: Blake Snyder Narrator: George Newbern Audiobook

Here's what started the phenomenon: the bestseller, for over fifteen years, that's been used by screenwriters around the world! Blake Snyder tells all in this fast, funny, and candid look inside the movie business. Save the Cat is just one of many ironclad rules for making your ideas more marketable and your script more satisfying, others include these: •The four elements of every winning logline •The seven immutable laws of screenplay physics •The ten genres that every movie ever made can be categorized by-and why they're important to your script •Why your hero must serve your idea •Mastering the fifteen beats •Creating the Perfect Beast by using The Board to map forty scenes with conflict and emotional change •How to get back on track with proven rules for script repair This ultimate insider's guide reveals the secrets that none dare admit, told by a showbiz veteran who's proven that you can sell your script if you can save the cat.

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