Voices From Subsistence Marketplaces - John Hedeman

Voices From Subsistence Marketplaces

Voices From Subsistence Marketplaces

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When we wake up, many of us have some idea as to what the day may hold. Though not everything is planned; we have a degree of control; we have backup options; and we can see some event or destination on the horizon. We have dreams, aspirations, expectations for fulfillment. If something goes wrong, we probably have a support system in place. Many people throughout the world live without these certainties and margins of error. Those living below the poverty line encounter many extreme challenges. Yet they feel the awe of each new day. They feel the broadening of their minds. They feel the deep connections that lead them to care for others. Within these pages you will find amazing stories of people in subsistence contexts - stories of poverty, struggles, brilliance, ingenuity, character, and the enduring human spirit. Explore the lives of these individuals brought to the forefront in their own voices. Seek this experience and listen to Voices From Subsistence Marketplaces.
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Förlag: eBookPartnership.com
Utgiven: 2017-04-07
ISBN: 9781912022472

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