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Overcoming Depression: Skills are better than pills

Author: Paul Robinson Narrator: Wright Rob Audiobook

Overcoming depression is an inspirational audio book to help you manage depression using life skills over pills.

This audio book is written by Paul Robinson who created the breakthrough documenatry film 'Surviving The Big D' that deals with managing depression. Paul has interviewd some of the top researchers, clinical psychiatrists, best selling authors and practitioners in the field of managing depression and his findings are compiled in the form of an inspirational audio to help the listerners to start their journey- freedom from depression.

Paul Robinson overcame his depression after he took the lifeskill approach to managing depression. Inspired by the results he got and transforming himself into a motivational speaker, Paul decided to delve deeper into the subject of managing depression to give people the hope that they can overcome depression no matter what the obstacles they face.

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