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Work Positive in a Negative World, The Team Edition

Author: Joey Faucette E-book

Gallup reveals that 85% of all Americans are dissatisfied at work. That’s 136 million Americans searching for ways to Work Positive.
American companies lose $15.5 billion per week to non-approved technology device usage by employees. The struggle is real to discover how to set technology boundaries for maximum productivity, so employees engage better and Work Positive.
57% of American workers left a job because of their manager while an additional 32% seriously considered leaving because of a manager. Managers lack a framework to create a Work Positive environment and retain top talent.
SHRM reports that one in five Americans left a job in the last five years due to a toxic workplace culture with the turnover costing companies about $223 billion during that time. Organizations crave a Work Positive framework to shape the DNA of their corporate culture.
SHRM further reports that while 76% of American workers say their manager sets the culture, 36% said their manager doesn’t know how to lead a team.
Research reveals coaching for managers in the workplace can improve customer service by as much as 450% within less than six months. Managers increase company profitability when they are coached to lead from the Work Positive framework.
Studies indicate that better team morale leads to greater productivity which increases company profitability. One key to better morale is helping teams discover how to deal with negative people without becoming one themselves so they Work Positive.

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