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Nebuchadnezzar & Other Poems

Nebuchadnezzar & Other Poems

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Thomas Aird was born on 28th August 1802 at Bowden, Roxburghshire in Scotland.

After an education at the local parish school he studied for his degree at Edinburgh University. Whilst there he became friends with fellow writers James Hogg, Thomas Carlyle and John Wilson.

After graduating Aird was encouraged to become a Church of Scotland minister but he turned down these entreaties to remain in Edinburgh and devote himself to a literary career.

His first publication was in 1826 with ‘Martzoufle: A Tragedy in Three Acts, with other Poems’, unfortunately the collection received little attention from either critics or the public.

Aird was a regular contributor to Blackwood's Magazine and among other works a series of essays entitled ‘Religious Characteristics’.

He was best known for his narrative poem ‘The Captive of Fez’ which was published in 1830 to a far better and wider reception.

Between 1832 and 1833, Aird succeeded James Ballantyne as the editor of the Edinburgh Weekly Journal. From 1835, he became the editor of the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Herald, a post he then held for the next 28 years. While editor, several of his poems were published within its pages.

In 1848, he published a collection of his poetry, ‘The Old Bachelor in the Old Scottish Village’, which was very well received. His friend, the essayist Thomas Carlyle, said that in his poetry he found "a healthy breath as of mountain breezes."

His last published literary work was his editing of the works of David Macbeth Moir, a physician and writer, in 1852.

Aird was to now concentrate on the editorship of the Herald until he retired in 1863.

Thomas Aird died on 25th April 1876 in Castlebank, Dumfries at the age of 73. He was buried at St Michael's Church.
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