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7-Day Anxiety Challenge

7-Day Anxiety Challenge

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Reduce Your Anxiety With Your "7-Day Anxiety Challenge" Why are you reading this? Because: - You worry excessively of impending doom and may even be turning to drugs to cope. - You have trouble concentrating and sleeping by everything that bothers you. - You experience occasional breathing problems like having a panic attack. - You feel constant shakiness and tension over your body unable to relax. - You are drained of energy all the time from stress and negativity. Anxiety disorder is a serious issue. If you suffer from anxiety, there’s a good chance that you’ve taken some serious—financial and otherwise—steps to get rid of it entirely; failure to face anxiety head-on will result in a life dictated by the disorder. However, you’re also probably upset with the effectiveness and long-term viability of prior anxiety treatment. Medication helps, but can be ineffective, can have undesirable side effects, and can be expensive. Therapy is useful, but is also expensive and only available, at most, for a couple of hours per week. To truly minimize, repair, and ultimately eliminate the disorder, one will need to target anxiety at its base rather than treat its symptoms. Covering a unique pragmatic approach to the anxiety-treatment process, the "7-Day Anxiety Challenge" offers readers with an unprecedented amount of assistance, including: - Helpful, real-time coping mechanisms to help deal with anxiety when it’s encountered on the onset - Full-fledged reinvented style of thinking, which prevents the formation of new sources of anxiety disorder - Nutritional support and physical exercises which will also help to reduce both stress and anxiety in the long term By taking up on the "7-Day Anxiety Challenge," the disorder will be greatly reduced—if not eliminated once and for all—and when an attack does present itself, you will have the tools—and training—to safely and effectively deal with it. Do you accept your challenge? Don't let anxiety stop you anymore in life.
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Útgefandi: Author's Republic
Útgefið: 2018-10-16
Lengd: 46Mín
ISBN: 9781982726713

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