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Business Affiliate Marketing

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Hello and welcome to this course on affiliate marketing in this course we're going to cover how to generate commission with affiliate marketing module one covers finding a product to promote module 2 covers marketing channels the module 3 covers advanced tactics by the time this course is over you'll know how to effectively promote products and earn commissions as an affiliate so without further ado let's dive into the first module. Hey guys welcome to module one in this module our expert will be teaching you about choosing a product to promote so get ready to take some notes and let's jump right in. All right so when it comes to finding products to promote there's 3 general categories I think you should look at the first to deal with launches in the third one deals with evergreen products. The reason I make a distinction is because there's a certain power behind ongoing product launches meaning something is new and just hitting the market place. And the power is basically 2 phenomenon came the first one of course the scarcity if there's a deal going on right and the price is going to change in a few days that's huge if your affiliate you will make sure you have big conversion rates yeah you wanna make sure you got good EPCs earnings per click one of the best ways to make sure that you have a very successful promotion is by promoting something that is low in launch mode because of that scarcity factor the other phenomenon he's just novelty okay newness there's an excitement that comes with being on the sales page that's talking about this being a new product that's coming to the market today you know there's something associated with that in human psychology that makes people more likely to buy the just seeing an evergreen you know static offer all right so you don't have to do lodges we're gonna focus on that for the first 2 items here.

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