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Business Bonus Creation

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So if you're a product vendor, then you probably already know why you need bonuses. Bonuses are an excellent way to increase the perceived value of your product or offer. They also significantly increase your conversion rate. Many of your buyers, no matter how good your product is, are sitting on the fence waiting for one last nudge towards becoming a customer. Bonuses can often be this difference between a buyer.

Then there are also those people who absolutely love the bonuses for the bonuses sake and will actually judge your product or your offer based on the number of bonuses. So making sure you have a good amount of attractive bonuses can go a long way towards maximizing your sales. Finally, there's another much less talked about advantage of bonuses. They act as an excellent form of collateral that you can offer in your guarantee statement.

Very few sellers do this, but it's incredibly effective and Maximizes the amount of trust you can gain with potential buyers. Basically, what you do is you offer your standard guarantee, such as a 30 day money back guarantee, but then you state that you're going to go above and beyond an reverse. The risk in this second part of your guarantee you're going to promise that the buyers ipon requesting a refund.

Will even get to keep the bonuses, which both makes the buyer feel like they're taking less risk, but also reinforces their faith that you're certain your product can do what it says. Otherwise, why would you be taking so much risk on your own shoulders if you've appraised the dollar amount of these bonuses at, for example, $500, then you can pitch it as a 100% money back plus $500 value back guarantee.

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