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Colonel Chabert

Höfundur: Honoré de Balzac Lesari: Bill Homewood Hljóðbók

In the brutal Prussian winter of 1807, Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte’s Grande Armée suffered massive losses to the Russians in the Battle of Eylau. Many thousands died. Young Colonel Chabert falls heroically, his actions having turned the tide of the battle, but he is buried anonymously on the battlefield in a mass grave. Incredibly he is alive but severely injured, and digs himself out. On his eventual return to Paris, he finds his wife, the beautiful and ambitious Rosine, now remarried, his fortune gone. Chabert’s relentless, passionate pursuit of justice, supported by the determined young lawyer Derville, is gripping to the last page. This exquisitely written story has it all: love, hatred, treachery, hope and courage.

© 2021 Naxos Audiobooks (Hljóðbók) ISBN: 9781781983768 Titill á frummáli: Le Colonel Chabert Þýðandi: Ellen Marriage and Clara Bell (updated)

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