17 Umsagnir
4Klst. 39Mín

Crow: Kings of Carnage MC: Prospects

Höfundur: M.N. Forgy Lesari: Chris Chambers, Anastasia Watley Hljóðbók

Death and bad luck seem to follow me like a curse, and when I join the Kings of Carnage MC as a prospect, things are no different. I represent beautiful destruction with a trigger-happy semiautomatic, and it's only a matter of time before my fellow brothers see me for what I am. A wake-up call. I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing. Until sweet Maybelline walks into my life like an unwanted siren, ripping apart my desires and turning them into obligations. She sees me for what I'm capable of instead of who I am, and now I have to decide if my shy little lamb is strong enough to persuade me to show mercy. The question is . . .who am I to the Kings of Carnage and what do I want?

Contains mature themes.

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