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Demonology and Witchcraft

Höfundur: Walter Scott Rafbók

A collection of Sir Walter Scott’s letters to his son-in-law, publisher J. G. Lockhart, divulging his extensive knowledge on the subject of paranormal events, including substantial notes on demonology and witchcraft.

This volume features ten letters from the famous Scottish historian Sir Walter Scott, addressed to his publisher and son-in-law, J. G. Lockhart. First published in 1830, this collection demonstrates Scott’s thorough knowledge on demonology and witchcraft via his informal, conversational tone, making the book an accessible guide for beginners in paranormal study.

The contents include:

- Origin of the General Opinions Respecting Demonology Among Mankind
- The Belief In the Immortality of the Soul Is the Main Inducement to Credit Its Occasional Re-Appearance
- The Philosophical Objections to the Apparition of an Abstract Spirit Little Understood by the Vulgar and Ignorant

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