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Digital for Good: Raising Kids to Thrive in an Online World

Höfundur: Richard Culatta Lesari: Adam Verner Hljóðbók

Technology can be a powerful tool for learning, for solving humanity's toughest problems, and for bringing us closer together. How can we raise healthy kids who know how to take advantage of the good technology can bring to their lives, while avoiding the bad?

It's time to start a new conversation. Digital for Good offers a refreshingly positive framework for preparing kids to be successful in a digital world-one that shifts the focus away from what kids shouldn't do and instead encourages them to use technology proactively and productively. EdTech expert Richard Culatta outlines five qualities every young person should develop in order to become a thriving, contributing member of the digital world:

- Be balanced: understand when and how much tech use is healthy

- Stay informed: be an active and discerning consumer of information online

- Be inclusive: consider multiple viewpoints with respect

- Be engaged: use tech to improve your relationships and your community

- Stay alert: be aware of your actions online and create safe spaces for others

Parents and children alike will discover the path to becoming effective digital citizens, all while making our online world a better place.

© 2021 Ascent Audio (Hljóðbók) ISBN: 9781663713049

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