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Fichte's Science of Knowledge

Höfundur: Charles Carroll Everett Rafbók

Fichte's Science of Knowledge by Charles Carroll Everett is about Everett's study of philosophy by Johann Gottlieb Fichte. Excerpt: "BEFORE entering upon the study of the philosophy of Fichte, it will be well to glance for a moment at his character and life. I shall not attempt a biography, however brief, but shall merely call attention to certain facts that may to some degree serve our immediate purpose. The philosophy of Fichte is more personal than most systems. It is the expression of the life and nature of its author. At first, this personal element might seem to detract from the value of the system considered in larger relations. It is obvious, however, that this will depend on the character of the personality which the system manifests."

© 2020 Good Press (Rafbók) ISBN: 4064066436254

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