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First Aid

Höfundur: Centre of Excellence Lesari: Brian Greyson Hljóðbók

First aid training will equip you with the awareness and practical capabilities of how to react if the worst happens. It’s the knowledge of how to help someone that collapses, cuts themselves, gets hurt in an emergency situation or finds themselves in a medical emergency.

Everyone in the world would benefit from studying First Aid. The information provided in this audiobook could literally become a matter of life and death and though we may not always need to use the knowledge, and hopefully we won’t, it’s a great education to have.

The First Aid audiobook is suitable for just about everyone. We all hope that we would never have need for first aid knowledge but at some point in life we generally do, whether it is tending to a small graze or cut and knowing how to properly clean and bandage the wound, to recognising the symptoms of a heart attack, how to aid the sufferer, and potentially saving a life. These are skills everyone should have.

More specifically the audiobook would benefit those who are around other people as part of their profession, for example, care and social workers.

© 2021 Author's Republic (Hljóðbók) ISBN: 9781662171666