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Fantasía & Scifi
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Fringe Runner

Höfundur: Rachel Aukes Lesari: James Anderson Foster Hljóðbók

Aramis Reyne is an old space captain, hounded by arthritis and haunted by memories of war. He makes ends meet by running mail and supplies to the farthest, darkest reaches of the Collective known as the fringe. When Reyne and his ragtag crew salvage a dead ship during one of their runs, they find themselves thrown into a galactic conspiracy involving warship captains, secret organizations, fringe rebels, and pirates. With interplanetary war on the horizon, Reyne must confront wartime ghosts and dust off old skills or else he'll be forced to watch thousands of innocents be slaughtered…again.

Fans of Firefly are sure to enjoy this space adventure by bestselling author Rachel Aukes.

© 2021 Waypoint Books (Hljóðbók) ISBN: 9781664914865