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God: The Holy Spirit

Höfundur: R.C. Jette Rafbók

This book reveals the need to understand the workings of the Holy Spirit in the believer's life. God's soldiers can't walk in conquering power without comprehending the truth that such power comes from a life guided by the Holy Spirit.

Although Jesus is the Son of God, while on this earth, He walked in the power of the Spirit. It's Christ's example that reveals to us what can be done when we deny our flesh and surrender our life to the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is endeavoring to awaken us to the truth that we have the power over the devil. Satan has deceived many into accepting defeat, sin, sickness, etc. , when Christ conquered the devil's power and authority by His shed blood on the cross of Calvary.

The power of the Spirit makes us more than we are and fills us with supernatural energy to conquer the fiercest storms, face mountainous obstacles, and stand firm against all Satan's strategies.

By the time God's soldiers finish reading this book, we should understand the Third Person of the Godhead, that the day of Pentecost was only the beginning of the Spirit's outpouring, and realize how to walk in the conquering power of the Holy Spirit within.

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