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Guardian of the Dead

Höfundur: Karen Healey Lesari: Saskia Maarleveld Hljóðbók

Debut novelist Karen Healey taps Maori mythology for this fresh spin on the fantasy genre. Seventeen-year old Ellie Spencer has a crush on the cute and mysterious Mark. That's the normal part of her life. But something terrifying also haunts Ellie and her community. People are being killed-and their eyes are being removed. Ellie soon learns two shocking truths. First, Mark is part patupaiarehe, the Maori equivalent of a fairy. Second, a war is brewing. ". Healey pulls readers in immediately with Ellie's funny, occasionally profane and often self-deprecating voice."-Kirkus Reviews

© 2010 Recorded Books, Inc. (Hljóðbók) ISBN: 9781449836900

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