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Indian Biography (Vol. 1&2)

Höfundur: B. B. Thatcher Rafbók

"Indian Biography" in 2 volumes is a historical and biographical account of people who have been distinguished among the North American natives as orators, warriors, statesmen, and other remarkable characters.

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Volume 1:

The Indian tribes of Virginia at the date of the Jamestown settlement; their names, numbers and power

The Powhatan confederacy…

Conduct of Powhatan after Smith's departure for England, and causes of it

Hostilities resumed

Peace finally effected by the capture of Pocahontas

Marriage of Pocahontas with John Rolfe…

The family of Powhatan

Sequel of the history of Pocahontas

Her acts of kindness to the colonists at various times, and especially to Smith

Her visit to England in 1616

Reception at Court…

Sequel of the history of Opechancanough

Preparations for War…

Biography of other Virginian chieftains

Totopotomoi, successor of Opechancanough

Plot of the latter against the Hatteras colony

Comment on the Carolinian Biography…

Synopsis of the New England Indians at the date of the Plymouth settlement

The Pokanoket confederacy

The Wampanoag tribe…

Volume 2:

Notices of Indians who submitted to Massachusetts

The Squaw

Anecdotes of Chickatabot…

Farther account of Master Weston's settlement, and the movements of the Indians against him

Provocations from the English

Magnanimous revenge of the Sachem…

Summary account of the Five Nations





Their negotiations with the French, in 1684

History of the Five Nations continued to the time of Adario

War between the Confederates and the French

Adventures of Black-Kettle…

Account of a council of the Confederates at Onondaga, in 1690

Speeches of Sadekanatie and other orators

Anecdotes of Sadekanatie…

Account of the Ottawas

Hostility of the northern tribes to the English, after the conquest of Canada

Adventures of Henry

Supposed feelings of Pontiac towards the English

His great project of combination…

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