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Intermediate Arabic

Höfundur: Centre of Excellence Lesari: Hiba Allam Hljóðbók

Learn more about the different grammar rules and skills that will take your Arabic skills up a level – taking you further along your language learning journey and enabling you to engage in more than just basic conversation.

Diving straight in, we’ll look at the two different types of nouns – rational and irrational – and the difference between them, and two types of verbs – transitive and intransitive – along with the sound and defective verbs.

We’ll explore the adjective clause, how to express ownership, the different subordinating conjunctions that are used in Arabic to tie sentences and phrases together, and the different coordinating conjunctions and how to apply them in a sentence.

You’ll learn about the use of active and passive language – delving deeper into the active participle and the proagent and its relationship to passive voice. The course also introduces two groups of annullers – the incomplete verb of “Kana” and its sisters, and the particle of “Inna” and its sisters – and their effects on nominal sentence deflection.

Finally, we’ll explore vocative and exclamation styles, and discuss the diptotes and the basic cases of Arabic declension.

By studying this audiobook, you will:

Develop an intermediate level of Arabic language proficiency

Improve your comprehension and communication skills

Advance your understanding of different grammatical rules

Be able to engage in more complex conversations

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