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Intermediate Mandarin Chinese

Höfundur: Centre of Excellence Lesari: Zhao Chang Hljóðbók

Tailored to learners who have mastered the basic tones, words and phrases of Mandarin Chinese, this audiobook will help you to learn complex sentence structures and expand your vocabulary, enabling you to better express yourself and have more meaningful conversations.

With an emphasis on practical, everyday language, you’ll be introduced to intermediate-level grammatical concepts with the use of realistic examples. In addition, the audiobook touches on some of the nuances of Mandarin Chinese to help you gain a new perspective on the language and culture.

Through the use of everyday situations and by encouraging learning by forming associations, this intermediate-level audiobook covers the grammar and vocabulary requirements for HSK Level 3 (which is equivalent to A2-B1 Level in the Common European Framework of Reference). By mastering the most commonly used words in the Chinese language included in this audiobook, you’ll be able to converse fluently with Chinese speakers.

The next step for students who have a beginner’s level of proficiency in the language (HSK Level 1), this audiobook is designed to help you to progress your Mandarin Chinese language development up to an intermediate level (approximately HSK Level 3) and enable you to access advanced level study.

The Intermediate Mandarin Chinese audiobook will help you to feel more comfortable and confident holding meaningful conversations in Chinese. You’ll learn language that is useful in everyday interactions and gain a solid understanding of grammatical points that will aid you in tackling the more complex sentence structures and nuances you’ll find at advanced levels.

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