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Intermediate Spanish

Höfundur: Centre of Excellence Lesari: Ariana Carolina Seine Hljóðbók

Take the next step in your Spanish language learning journey.

The Intermediate Spanish audiobook teaches vocabulary, grammatical structures and useful expressions that will enable you to hold a conversation in Spanish about a variety of topics in past, present, future, and hypothetical contexts.

You will expand your vocabulary and knowledge of verbs to be able to describe your environment and compare objects and people in terms of superiority, inferiority and equality. You’ll also learn how to talk about illnesses, symptoms, and the parts of the body using specific verbs, expressions, and vocabulary.

You’ll discover how to talk about activities and hobbies and express whether you enjoy them or not. We’ll explore vocabulary that relates to the seasons, weather, days of the week and months of the year, and learn how to talk about daily routines and their frequency. You’ll also learn how to talk about future predictions, plans and intentions, and past experiences that have ended or are ongoing.

The audiobook explains the language used to express your agreement or disagreement with ideas and opinions, and how to ask for others’ opinions. We’ll also look at how to make a polite request, express a wish, give advice, and make present or future hypotheses based on real conditions.

Ideal for those who have gained a beginner level of proficiency, this audiobook will help you to progress your Spanish language development upto an intermediate level and prepare you to move onto advanced study, should you wish to.

You’ll learn the structures and tenses required for an intermediate level of proficiency in Spanish. You’ll be able to speak in Spanish with native speakers using present, past and future tenses. You’ll also be able to offer advice to others, express your opinion and refer to hypothetical situations.

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