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Ironies Leaders Navigate, Second Edition

Höfundur: Schuyler Totman Rafbók

[EPI] "… just as one cannot not communicate, you do not have the option of not using power." [/EPI]

For every definition of leadership, you can find a definition of power that makes the same statement. Hence, every act of leadership is an act of power, and the better we understand power, the better we understand leadership.

And we misunderstand power, scholars lament, in part by under-understanding power. We equate it merely with coercion and competition, but miss how power dynamics define leadership, education, coaching, teamwork, parenting, etc. Here is a brief, contextual, synergistic, occasionally ironic study of power, which provides numerous lenses through which to examine leadership settings, including how they differ.

This study (in specific, framed pages) ultimately focuses on a unique leadership setting--the local church. It ponders distinct challenges faced by church leaders, and by The Church's Leader, Jesus Christ.

© 2018 Resource Publications (Rafbók) ISBN: 9781532640445

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