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Joy, Guilt, Anger, Love: What Neuroscience Can-and Can't-Tell Us About How We Feel

Höfundur: Giovanni Frazzetto Lesari: Giovanni Frazzetto Hljóðbók

Is science ever enough to explain why we feel the way we feel?

In this engaging account, renowned neuroscientist Giovanni Frazzetto blends cutting-edge scientific research with personal stories to reveal how our brains generate our emotions. He demonstrates that while modern science has expanded our knowledge, investigating art, literature, and philosophy is equally crucial to unraveling the brain's secrets. What can a brain scan, or our reaction to a Caravaggio painting, reveal about the deep seat of guilt? Can ancient remedies fight sadness more effectively than antidepressants? What can writing poetry tell us about how joy works? Structured in seven chapters encompassing common human emotions-anger, guilt, anxiety, grief, empathy, joy, and love-Joy, Guilt, Anger, Love offers a way of thinking about science and art that will help us to more fully understand ourselves and how we feel.

© 2014 Ascent Audio (Hljóðbók) ISBN: 9781469090689

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