Lies and Sins

Lies and Sins

Lies and Sins

Joey Bar

How to overcome barriers blocking us from success? All explained in a new book by author Joey Bar. The book, called "Lies and Sins" brings us the modern story of a young enthusiastic guy called Amos who dreams of becoming a multi-billionaire. Who amongst us does not dream of bags of cash in their bank? We all do! And so do our hero Amos, and he will stop at nothing in his way for the prize. But soon it becomes clear that the sins of our character, including cheating on his fiancé with the occasion girl he meets on-line "blocks" his energy from being positive and denying him of his financial goal. Join Amos in his journey to overcome his biggest obstacle, flunking him on his way to success.

This is a story of power, money, sins and betrayals. Certainly each of us can relate to a wash out reality star trying to recruit his strength on the way to the top. Joey bar, the author of the book "Lies and Sins" is an Israeli actor from Tel-Aviv, who spent his entire life dreaming of getting rich by writing books and this is where he makes his first step to glory, publishing his first book in English with the goal of inspiring and possibly make the world a better place.

Joey Bar studied acting at the drama academy of London "Star-Tek" and in the actors studio of "Ivana Chubbuck", the spiritual mother of the greatest of Hollywood's actors, who has a studio in Los Angeles and teachers all over the globe, teaching her methods. During these days Joey makes his first steps in the field of acting and believes that having faith and even obsession to what you do may help you become a very successful person. The book "Lies and Sins" Joey wrote after facing his dream of becoming a successful actor and managing to bring on paper his fears and barriers as well his methods of overcoming them. This is not one of those "self- helping" books, but Joey Bar is a big fan of those and has been reading that genre for over 2 decades.


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