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Mandarin Chinese for Beginners

Höfundur: Centre of Excellence Lesari: Zhao Chang Hljóðbók

After English, Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, with an estimated one billion speakers. Learning the language opens up many exciting new opportunities for business, travel and cultural enrichment – the Mandarin Chinese for Beginners Audiobook is here to get you started.
You will learn key vocabulary, explore concepts and grammatical structures, practice what you have learned, and discover useful phrases or dialogue based on real-life scenarios.
The Mandarin Chinese for Beginners Audiobook teaches the fundamental concepts of pronunciation, as well as the basic grammar and vocabulary needed to participate in simple daily conversations. It introduces concepts that are unique to the Chinese language, which will then provide a framework you can use to express almost anything you want.
The audiobook also contains relatable dialogues based on real-life scenarios that will equip you with many useful phrases to help you feel comfortable in social and professional interactions. Furthermore, the audiobook has been designed to cover the needs of tourists, whether it is to ask for directions or to order food in a restaurant.
Designed for those who have had little to no interaction with Mandarin Chinese, this audiobook will take you from absolute beginner to using a variety of sentence structures to talk about yourself, as well as to ask and answer questions.
The wide range of examples, relatable expressions and real-life dialogues included in the audiobook will boost your confidence in having basic conversations on topics such as exchanging personal information, discussing daily arrangements and food, asking about prices, chatting about your hobbies, the weather, and more.
The content in this audiobook is based on the first level in the Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì (Chinese Proficiency Test), usually referred to as HSK, which assesses the ability of a non-native speaker to use Chinese in their daily, academic and professional life.

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