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Mentoring Minutes

Höfundur: Robin Cox Rafbók

Mentoring Minutes: Weekly messages to encourage anyone working with youth aims to encourage and equip people working with youth with the knowledge, strategies, ideas, and recent youth research to build meaningful and developmental relationships with these young people. There are five daily messages for fifty-two weeks of the year which cover topics like: understanding the world of youth, self-image, the impact of technology on youth, resiliency, goal setting, effective communication, values, how to resolve conflicts using a positive mindset, the role of family and other networks in the lives of youth, and the power of mentoring. True stories of mentoring experiences of the author and others are included, along with short daily tips to promote the spirit of mentoring, and weekly quotes to inspire the reader. The hundreds of strategies and tips are arranged into general themes focused on the development of the whole person. This user-friendly book will be an encouragement to schools, youth workers, mentors, parents, grandparents, employers of young people, indeed, anyone who wishes to see young people fulfill their potential.

© 2020 Resource Publications (Rafbók) ISBN: 9781725269460