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Missing the Moment

Höfundur: Grace Thompson Rafbók

Can she choose between family and love?
Seven years ago, Charlotte Russell’s father walked out on her family. Ever since, the task of caring for her bitter mother and sick uncle have fallen heavily on Charlotte’s shoulders.

If only she had agreed to marry Joe Llewellyn the first time he asked. Unable to leave her family to fend for themselves, Charlotte is constantly delaying her own happiness, and fears that Joe may soon move on. Then, as 1950 begins, Charlotte’s father reappears, bringing with him his brood of children from his mistress.

Torn between loyalty to her family, desire to rebuild the family business, and her need for independence and love, Charlotte fears she will never have a life of her own. Have she and Joe missed their moment?

From Grace Thompson, author of the Holidays at Home, Badgers Brook, and Valley sagas, this is a heartbreaking tale of love and sacrifice. Missing the Moment is sure to enthral readers of Rosie Clark, Anna Jacobs, and Sheila Newberry.

© 2017 Canelo Saga (Rafbók) ISBN: 9781911591016

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