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My Dragon Masters

Höfundur: Krystal Shannan Lesari: Crystal Hart Hljóðbók

A pulse-pounding, sexy, fated mate triad, fantasy romance!

I don’t know how much time has passed.

I don’t know where I am or where I’m going, I just know that two men are waiting for me and that I belong with them.

My body burns with a hunger I can’t describe.

I’ll do anything to find them and so will the beast that lives inside me.

Her soul calls to us.

We’ve been looking for a way back to her for a thousand years.

She’s ours to claim. Ours to love. Ours to protect.

FIRE AND ICE in the ultimate reunion story. Two men. One woman. More passion than your ereader can handle.

This second chance reunion romance will curl your toes and make you hold your breath in suspense. Fated mates, growly heroes with soft spots for their mate, and enough spice to make you blush all over. Don’t miss this sexy, gritty, heart-wrenching, paranormal fantasy romance with a twist of darkness. There’s a “big bad” you’ll love to hate and an amazing cast of characters across the series that build a family you won’t want to leave behind.

"Shannan weaves a sexy, action-packed tale sure to keep you turning the pages late into the night." ~ Liliana Hart, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Rena Drake Series

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